5 Reasons it is Time to Jump the Ship

Moving on
Your lease is about to expire and you already think of signing it for another four years. You’ve been living in the same flat for several years now, and the best word to express your emotional state is silent contempt. You don’t have any plans to relocate—after all, why do you need to, when you already have a home and (probably) a job? Aren’t things going perfect? Isn’t this everything you’ve ever strived for? Is there something else you could possibly ask for?

Why don’t you ask yourself something else. When was the last time you experienced any major change in your life? I am not talking about negative experience, such as the passing of a close relative. I am talking about real change, not necessarily positive. If your lifestyle has stayed the same for the last several years, maybe it is time to look forward to something new?

So, inform your landlord you will leave at the end of the lease, hire tenancy cleaning in London (you will need that deposit), and read further for the top five reasons it is time for you to jump the ship.

5. Explore the World #

This might seem as the most obvious reason. You live only once (yes, the swap of words was intentional). You have the choice—live your life to the fullest and visit as many places as possible, or descend into a constant flow of mundane repetitive experience.

4. Meet new people #

No matter how many places you visit, if you do not meet new people, eventually everything will look the same. I’ve found that even when I stay for a prolonged period at the same place, I can bring a little change in my life by seeking interesting people from different cultures.

What is even better is for you to become an interesting person yourself—you just need to ditch that old flat of yours.

3. Forces you to be Proactive #

Once you settle down and embrace mundane routine, you become passive and unproductive. When was the last time you had a crazy idea that worked? When was the last time you created something by yourself? Is there something you’ve achieved that you are proud of? If not, why settle for the same old boring life? Remember—once you sing that lease, you sign for another four years of life without any satisfaction. It is always better to move out and start anew!

2. Remedy for Procrastination #

Procrastination is a real problem that affects more and more people. This isn’t joke matter—lack of motivation and low self-esteem are real psychological issues. To call them “laziness” is to brush them under the rug. Thankfully, there is a cure! Since procrastination is caused by repetitiveness and lack of change, the solution is to really, change something in your life. Move out. If you settle for the same old flat, you will get the same old results (or lack of results). It is always better to seek change, which brings us to our next reason.

1. Change is Always Good (as long as it isn’t bad) #

Change is always good, as long as it is not bad. Sometimes, stuff happens in our lives that leads to terrible results. The passing of a loved one, being fired from your job and health problems can drastically change your life style for the worse. But as change doesn’t have bad consequences, it is always good.

There is no such thing as “neutral” change. If it is “neutral” then it is no change at all. If you ditch your old flat for another one just across the street, what’s the difference? If you leave your workplace for the same job at a different place, why bother? If you’re going to invest so much effort, better move forward, don’t mark time.

So get on your feet and start packing! You don’t need a plan, you don’t need a scheme, you don’t need any of that. You don’t even need to go to faraway countries and visit distant lands! Change is even to move to a downtown area of your city, to leave your parent’s house, to start a new, different job or to buy a small cottage instead of rent a crammed flat.

It is time to jump the ship!


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