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5 Reasons it is Time to Jump the Ship

Moving on
Your lease is about to expire and you already think of signing it for another four years. You’ve been living in the same flat for several years now, and the best word to express your emotional state is silent contempt. You don’t have any plans to relocate—after all, why do you need to, when you already have a home and (probably) a job? Aren’t things going perfect? Isn’t this everything you’ve ever strived for? Is there something else you could possibly ask for?

Why don’t you ask yourself something else. When was the last time you experienced any major change in your life? I am not talking about negative experience, such as the passing of a close relative. I am talking about real change, not necessarily positive. If your lifestyle has stayed the same for the last several years, maybe it is time to look forward to something new?

So, inform your landlord you will leave at the end of the...

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Property Landlords, Tenants and Prosecution

Property Owners, Tenants and Prosecution
Hey, Are you a property owner?
Is that’s the last news you want to hear?

Private Landlord,
Tick Tick Check Inventory Company London

I don’t mean to scare the crap out of you (kinda’) But…
Every day ever more new and experienced landlords are getting prosecuted across the whole nation for failing to meet all legal responsibilities and obligations. Property inventory owners literally having to pay thousands of pounds in housing penalties. It’s scary matter. Well, not for me, because I’m fully compliant. But it’s scary for those who aren’t.

Is that YOU?

The fact is, tenants have become smarter. They are becoming more educated, more aware of their rights, especially since they’re getting support from national charities like Shelter (the housing charity). Essentially, prosecuting landlords has become easy money for housing tenants...

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10 Definitions of what Critically Endangered means

1. The Amur Leopard

This is a rare subspecies of the leopard. The animal only live in the cold and snowy northern parts of Asia, where other members of the leopard family wouldn’t last the winter. It’s the only of it’s kind to adapt to cold climate. What makes it possible is a think coat of fur, covered by the all famous leopard spot pattern.

It’s habitats includes small parts of the Primorye region of south-eastern Russia and the Jillin province in north-eastern China. Lately, the habitats in China have been under question if any animals remain. Previously, the Amur leopard has been occupying some parts of Korea as well.

It’s so rare, it’s under the Critically Endangered graph since 1966 till now. Only 15-20 adults have been counted in 2007. Including the cubs, no more than 26 animals in total remain in existence.

The main threats to their survival are poaching, forest degradation...

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